Thursday, March 23, 2006


Can't learn, yet they yearn
Dead-eyed zombies claw onward
Flash: Bush eyes Iran

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Our Youth

Walking dead: eternal influence
Our youth, not immune to the call
Dick Clark walks among us

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Warm Flesh

Warm flesh in my mouth
Does this arm belong to you?
Too bad, its mine now


Wooden baseball bat
My favorite machete
Watch his head go "splat"


The smell of dead flesh
Better load up the 12 gauge
A mess on my lawn

Children Cry

Barnum and Bailey
Beware the grease-painted ones
Children cry, "Mommy!"


Red nose, floppy shoes
Children laugh at rosy cheeks
Should have worn my pants


Balloon animals?
Twisted into scarey shapes
Mommy, where's my dog?

All Alone

Off to the circus
"Stabby The Clown" killed my parents
Foster home for me


Giggles and laughter
Evil clowns live in my basement
I don't get much sleep

Fun and Games

Undead children delight
Old man missing mangled digits
"Pull My Finger" with Gramps

Juggling Act

Novice clown finds new hook
Kids delight in new juggling act
Roadkill missing heads

Clown Car

Clowns file from the car
Kids' joyeous laughter mask
Your screams from the trunk

Sad Hobo

Hobo face, blackened beard
By my ghost-white eyes, a tear
Who drew this shit on me?

Speech Center

Zombies eat my brain
Speech center, a delicacy
Poem... me... write... goodly